Your purchase of Unlock Now Give will be donated to an woman in need.


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Seriously, thank you for wanting to give and help heal the hearts of women in tough spaces of their lives right now! This all started when I finally accepted an invitation to speak at a prison in 2015. I didn’t want to do it, but I’m incredibly glad I did! After the message, and hundreds gave their lives to the Lord a beautiful young woman approached me. She told me she gave her life to the Lord, and that she was getting out, after seven years, and I told her how great that was. All she could do was shake her head back and forth and look full of despair. She said, “Out there, and she pointed beyond the barbed wire, I don’t know how to stop being, me.” That statement changed my life.

I knew she wanted to get healing, and draw closer to God, but she didn’t have a clear understanding of where to start, and I failed at giving her great direction that fateful day. But, God, never fails, and I had no idea He would use that incident to put a burden in my heart like never before, even though I had no direct ties to jail or prison ministry.


The burden was to give people a great place to “begin” healing. 

Since then, God has been opening doors to put our curriculum into transitional homes, sober-living homes, half-way houses, prisons, jails, sex-trafficking victims, and more! Not only that, because He’s God, not only has He been opening doors, He’s been opening YOUR (peoples) hearts to pray, and give with me! 

That, has blown me away! But, THIS is kingdom stuff, people. We should always be completely astounded by what He’s doing in all of us! When we hear the call of God- we respond.


Your gift of $13, will provide hope and healing to women in tough spaces, and transitions in their lives. Or, you can purchase as many copies as you want, we all know people going through trials right now.


Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough, but THANK YOU for believing with me, praying with me, and helping someone whose down come to know the One that can lift them up!

May you be blessed ten-fold in return for your fabulous gift, friend.


Kerrie Oles & the Unlocked team


**This gift is associated with a 501c3 and is therefore tax-deductible.

Unlock Now Give