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What We do

Unlocked Ministries exists to provide free online and in person programs and resources for all to know that no life is too far gone. We truly believe there’s no place that God cannot begin to start you on a path to healing. He just won’t leave us where we are! Our online programs (videos for each week and ongoing podcast episodes) go hand-and-hand with our resource boxes we send to homes occupied with women in difficult transitions of any kind. They provide biblically based, and free-of-charge curriculums and teachings for women of all ages. Our in-person program will allow equipped teachers from the Unlocked team to come walk the women through our six-week life-changing curriculum, and they can even do this via zoom if the need arises. We designed these programs, teachings and academy to equip women to learn to heal emotionally and spiritually so they don’t return to their former life of destruction and so they live free and stay free in Jesus Christ.

The vision for Unlocked Ministries was launched in 2018 after Founder and President, Kerrie Oles, spent years writing books and speaking across the country, to one day wound up teaching in a women’s prison. After years as a child visiting her own brother in multiple prisons and juvenile detention centers, she realized that true transformation would never come as the result of just being locked up in a facility. She knew after they were released was when the real transformation needed to happen to reduce the rate of recidivism. Kerrie decided to write a step-by-step curriculum to gain emotional healing and discover the WHY they ended up in the place they were, instead of the WHAT offense they had committed. After launching to the transitional homes and ½ way houses they grew to assist homes for addiction recovery, battered women shelters, juvenile centers, and any homes with people needing help to recover from a trauma-filled life, to a more transformative life.

Over the years, Unlocked has had rapid growth, and we are seeing lives changed and restored to know they can now begin to write a different story that’s filled with peace, love, and joy that only comes from Jesus. We have gained support from Mercy Multiplied, John Maxwell, April Osteen-Simons and more. In addition to the Unlock Now, 6 steps to begin inner healing study, we also train women to effectively support and minister to those who are hurting and struggling through videos, podcasts, Kerrie’s Youtube channel and other practical resources. Our goal is to empower leaders in the homes, volunteers, and everyone to help lead others to healing. We believe we may influence many along the way, but we are here to impact the One.



Unlocked Ministries is a non-profit ministry that works with women’s transition homes including battered shelters, ½ way houses, juvenile facilities and addiction recovery. We provide resources that help women find emotional wellness & spiritual growth with multimedia resources.


We want to see recidivism lessened, hearts healed through trauma recovery and emotional healing, minds set free, and lives transformed

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