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Empowering Churches and Home Groups

Welcome to Unlocked Ministries

Unlocked Ministries is not a's a movement. We exist to bring ministry to women everywhere, to help unlock their past and write a new future. 


At Unlocked Ministries, we believe in the transformative power of community and faith. Our mission is to support and inspire churches and home groups to deepen their connection with God and each other as you work towards wholeness and freedom. We're excited to introduce Unlock Now Groups—an innovative approach to spiritual growth and safe community.


What Are Unlock Now Groups?

The beauty of Unlock Now is that it's not just for women in recovery or transitioning out of prison -- it's for every woman who wants to become fully who they are but finds themselves falling back into old patterns or familiar habits and is ready for breakthrough.


Unlock Now Groups are designed to bring people together in a meaningful way, whether within the walls of a church or the comfort of a home. These groups provide a structured yet flexible environment where participants can explore their faith, share experiences, and grow together in a safe environment.


Intimidated to start a group? Don’t be! We’ve made this super easy to facilitate with video teachings from Kerrie, a leader’s guide to equip and empower you to lead, and participant copies of Unlock Now. All you need is a heart to gather people and the willingness to create a safe environment by leading with your own vulnerability. Find a place to gather, push play on the videos, facilitate meaningful conversation and watch God work to heal hearts and empower women in who He created them to be!

Why Join an Unlock Now Group?

Deepen Your Faith

  • Engage in thoughtful Bible studies and discussions.

  • Access resources that help you understand and apply God’s truths in your daily life.

Build Stronger Connections

  • Safe community facilitates vulnerability which inspires connection. Form lasting relationships with fellow believers on a similar journey.

  • Support and uplift each other in a safe environment.

Heal and Recover from Past Hurts

  • Identify past hurts and wounds that are still in need of healing.

  • Overcome barriers that are holding you back from living life fully alive.

Grow as a Leader

  • Receive training and materials to lead your own group.

  • Empower others to take steps in their spiritual journey of wholeness.


How It Works

  • Pray.

  • Email us at to get resources in starting your Unlock Now group.

  • Approach your church about hosting an Unlock Now group. You can purchase the Unlock Now Group Bundle through your church or on your own through our store with everything you need to get started.

  • Get others involved. Start an Unlock Now group in your home, church, or community. 

  • Let us know! Keep in touch with questions you might have and receive ongoing support from our Unlocked Team.

Get Started Today

Ready to unlock your past and rewrite your future? Join the Unlock Now movement and experience the freedom and empowerment that comes from emotional wholeness and safe community. Click the button below to sign up or learn more.

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