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Unlocked Jewelry Making Instructions
  1. Have fun! Don't forget share pics and tag @unlockedministries!

  2. Pre-cut the 8mil stretchy string into 12 inch length pieces.

  3. Tie a triple knot at the end and give it a good pull to make sure it’s tight.

  4. Pick your beads. Medium beads work best, especially to start or end the bracelet. Use your creativity however you want when picking the colors, design and pattern of the beads. (All beads need to be either glass, stone, crystal etc. No plastic beads.)

  5. String your beads in a pattern on the stretchy string until you reach the middle.

  6. Add the charm, once added continue with the bead pattern.

  7. Add enough beads until you have reached 7 ½ inches in length. You can use a ruler to measure. 

  8. Take both ends and tie them together with a triple knot. 

  9. Dab the knot with jewelry glue and let the bracelets dry overnight.

  10. Ship the bracelets to: 

Unlocked Ministries

1670 Keller Parkway #220

Keller, Texas 76248

Repeat the fun and do it again :)

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